3rd Party Verification Services

Capturing of authentic data helps businesses to develop strong sales pipelines, simplify workflow, reduce overhead, maximize Lead Generation, and improves employee retention rate, among many other benefits. If you want to accelerate your learning curve, then consider outsourcing powerful third party verification services to Outsourcing Solutions.

Also, when you hire an employee, you are actually putting up your company’s image at stake. So, effective employee verification services become a must-have for your company. Outsourcing Solutions is a notable vendor involved in delivering unmatched employment verification services to corporates.

Do you know?

Incorrect data about buyers & employees can badly impact your business growth. In today’s competitive landscape, more than 50% organizations are getting information verified through real-time third party verification services to ensure smooth business operations without becoming a victim of fraud.

What is third party verification service?

Third party verification is a process through which businesses can get information about customers and employees verified by an independent service provider. Organizations selling products/offering tele services or online typically use a third party verification service to get authentic information. The service provider confirms accurate details about a customer who is placing an order for a new service or product or requesting product alteration or return.

Process that Outsourcing Solutions follows to render third party verification services

We, at Outsourcing Solutions, understand that having validated information readily available is critical for any organization for seamless operation. Our team of experts leaves no stone unturned to ensure quality service delivery. Process that we follow to deliver superior third party verification services are:

Personalized call script creation:

No two businesses operate in a similar manner, so no two businesses can have a similar type of call script. Thus, our professionals work in close corporation with you to devise a protocol which is followed by our operators while carrying out third party verification. Information is verified diligently by asking appropriate questions without creating any confusion. Information is gathered according to your unique requirements, and comprehensive reports are generated for your review.

Security Assured:

We make use of latest tools and techniques to ensure the security of your business asset. You can stay rest assured that your customer’s data is in safe hands. We continuously upgrade our system to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology.

Bilingual Representation:

Elimination of this language barrier enables us to render optimal third party verification services. We have a team of bilingual live-voice agents who can help you in building trust and make your business more accessible to different communities at large.

Different types of third party verification services that Outsourcing Solutions offers:

Employment verification services-

We help you empower your employment verification process with automated, uniform and controlled information capture. Our team diligently verifies and validates an applicant\’s employment history and background check, from date of employment, job titles, role and responsibilities, and education history to reasons for leaving and criminal record reports.

Customer data verification-

Authentic information is not only significant for communication, but also for customer analytics. Customer data verification ensures the authentic information capture of buyer’s billing and shipping address, and email information. It further lessens undeliverable packages and address correction charges. Our experts assess customer stability and authenticity via tele verification to ensure seamless collection and delivery services.

Why choose Outsourcing Solutions for third party verification services?

Outsourcing Solutions delivers real-time customer data verification services to ensure timely delivery of product shipments, reduction of stress on operations and order fulfillment staff. Our team of experts with in-depth research and expertise make accurate customer data available to help you take rational business decision. We, at Outsourcing Solutions, help you in delivering exceptional customer service to clients without taking any of your time, and instill an element of trust and confidence into your business.

We cater to broad spectrum of businesses across industry vertical, right from healthcare, multinational banks, financial institutions, and retail to Fortune 500 companies.

Our key differentiators that can help you gain competitive advantage are:

  • We help you improve overall productivity with use of innovative technological tools
  • We leverage talent of our experts to strengthen your business image.
  • We strive to enhance client service with industry-specific dedicated support.
  • We help you capture lucrative opportunities by providing authentic data verification services
  • We ensure deliverance of quality third party verification adhering to industry standards

Market research programs-

Comprehensive market research programs are undertaken by our team of experts to assimilate accurate information about target markets or customers.

Inbound telemarketing services-

With state-of-the-art call centers, skilled call agents, automated voice and data services; we provide proven inbound telemarketing services, right from customer acquisition, customer support to upselling/cross-selling.

Why choose Outsourcing Solutions for telemarketing services?

Outsourcing Solutions is one of the pioneering inbound and outbound telemarketing companies catering to the business requirements of a broad spectrum of industries. We can maximize your profit margins by effectively closing sales through our powerful inbound and outbound telemarketing services.

Our professionals work in close proximity to your business objectives and devise strategic ways to address your customers’ issues and improve customer relationships.

Some of our key differentiators that make us different from others are:

  • We strategically plan and design best-suited telemarketing plan to meet your organizational requirements.
  • We have a team of qualified representatives to effectively manage several marketing campaigns
  • We can help you schedule all appointments and initiate sales leads
  • We provide 24X7 dedicated support services