Appointment Scheduling


Product information request service is considered as an integral part of any business. We ensure maximum customer satisfaction through our unmatched expertise in managing product information request services. With the help of our product information request service, you can swiftly locate the best suited products to cater to your specific needs.

Product Information Request Outsourcing

Outsourcing Solutions facilitates you with prompt service of product information request. You can easily access and avail any information related to particular product or service from a reliable resource. These services enable you to establish a cordial relationship with your customers, which prove to be beneficial in the long term. Our team of experts offers an instant support to your customers on product information request at quite affordable rates.

Why Outsourcing Solutions?

  • Capable of handling high volumes of phone traffic
  • Assures instant and effective customer response and solutions
  • Provides accurate and reliable information
  • Round the clock assistance
  • Well-trained staff for prompt assistance
  • Cost effective services coupled with advanced technology

Ease your workload with Appointment Setting Services

Get closer to the right leads/prospects and seal the deal

It is a fact that a one-on-one interaction is the most feasible and fulfilling way of sealing a deal, specifically when it is between two businesses. It provides you with a sense of comfort to discuss the propositions directly with your client and exchange views more independently. There is a possibility of building personal relations with the opposite party, which is extremely crucial for the business-to-business sales companies.

This job of bridging the gap between service providers and their customers is offered under the B2B appointment setting services of a company. It is similar to the inside sales practices that enforce quick and economical marketing solutions since these services utilize advanced technology and save the in-house hiring and training costs. Outsourcing Solutions is one such mega source that offers an immaculate range of appointment setting services.

Why Outsourcing Solutions stands out?

Enlisted below are the reasons why we are one of the leading names in offering an incomparable array of appointment setting service:

  • Proficient U.S-based Appointment Setting Agents

We employ a competent appointment setter team to serve this purpose with utmost efficiency and dedication. These operators are skilled in identifying, qualifying and converting the prospects. They excel in multi-lingual communications to put the correct information of the prospects/leads forward to the businesses.

  • Our group of specialists is responsible to execute important tasks merely through cold-calling such as finding and connecting with relevant prospects, introducing the company and its services, promoting the brand name, giving presentations on products and services, and scheduling appointments.

Do you know?

Appointment setting companies invest $100-$175 when they indulge in internal appointment setting services and the average service charges $75-$90 per appointment. Also, there are additional overhead costs incurred by the in-house support.

Our Appointment Setter Values Your Time

It is our priority to listen to your requirements and administer your queries as quickly as possible. We ensure to utilize technologically sound tools to smoothen the overall process. We understand that our clients are not always free. Therefore, our appointment setter crew ensures the availability of your prospects first and then fixes the appointment. Re-scheduling of the meetings can be done from any of the ends, provided that the timings suit both the parties.

We are there 24/7

It doesn’t matter at what hour of the day customer wants to contact you, we are always there to ensure you never miss a business opportunity. The businesses that operate in countries with different time zones are largely benefitted from this feature since their customers can be reached at our odd but the latter’s normal hours. Round the clock provision of support from our agents gives you the chance to get the maximum leads and prospects for your business. It lets you choose more than one appointment setting services to avail.

  • We have a comprehensive management system

Every step involved in the process of B2B appointment setting is fulfilled by our all-inclusive organizational mechanism. We emphasize on every minute aspect that could positively affect the client experience. For instance, a wide range of the state-of-the-art technological devices is installed to simplify and accelerate the relevant operations, campaigns are organized to build a bona fide database, follow up services are strengthened with research and adjustments are made according to the businesses’ needs.

  • An extensive client base at reasonable rates

Over the past, we have maintained a long trail of satisfied clients and sustained the affordability of our appointment setting services. The B2B sales firms that hire appointment setting companies are extremely benefited by the scope of these services. Outsourcing an appointment setting service eliminates the unnecessary and costly utilities to establish an in-house facility. We link the businesses with the best matches and help their clientele grow at a rapid pace.

  • We maintain mutual trust

We have a highly transparent policy that follows some basic principles of developing faith. Our prime focus is to give you a description of all the facilities and prove the legitimacy of our administration. You will get a full visibility into the list of contacted leads and a complete access to the call details and recordings. It is our duty to confirm the authenticity of both the beneficiaries.