Order Taking

24X7 Order taking Services

Taking customers’ orders is a crucial activity for any business. Every company invests capital on various marketing campaigns with aim to drive customers to “ACT NOW.” Being available round the clock to seize every sales opportunity may not be possible for all.

Why use an order taking service?

Customers nowadays prefer to place an order from comfort of their home. They want to inquire completely about product or service before making final purchase decision. Speaking to an expert live operator not only satiates their inquisitive mind, but also increases customer’s confidence to invest in the product/service.

Outsourcing order taking service to a call center will ensure streamlined sales of your product, while giving you enough of time to focus on other core competencies of your business like product promotion, brand building and much more.

CONVENIENCE matters the MOST. Order taking service helps businesses in driving an influx of sales calls. Make a smart choice today and facilitate your customers with CONVENIENCE of placing order over phone.

What all benefits you can grasp through our order taking services?

  • Reinforces your customer relationship
  • Simplifies your order management process
  • Improves your sales conversation ratios as customers doubts or issues related to your products/services are immediately clarified over phone.
  • Reduces your capital expenditure on infrastructure and manpower recruitment
  • Helps you reach to a wider section of the audience within a short span of time
  • Creates awareness about products or services among the target audience
  • Detailed order entry features improves productivity and customer satisfaction level

Why choose Outsourcing Solutions for order taking services?

Outsourcing Solutions is one of the leading providers of order taking services to businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. With use of latest technology, our team of experts handles huge inflow of calls and any size of product catalog diligently. We offer real-time order taking solutions to streamline your sales channels.

Our order taking call center helps businesses in simplifying their business operations through an unrivaled customer experience. We understand that every call is a potential sales prospect, so our representatives facilitate your customers with instant and satisfactory response.

Our key differentiators that make us different from others are:

  • We plan and devise effective order taking strategies
  • We have a team of well-trained representatives who can help you capitalize on potential sales opportunity by adding a personal touch to the call
  • With in-depth market research, we develop scripts and protocols to generate higher sales conversions, up-sell and cross-sell.
  • We provide accurate and detailed recording of client information
  • We follow stringent quality assurance as per industry standards
  • We have the capability to handle huge volume call traffic
  • We provide 24×7 live order taking service through toll-free lines